Glorify Him in all that you do..

Something that I usually do when setting an alarm for myself on my ipod is name the alarm a bible verse or a quote so when I wake up in the morning, it is the first thing that I see. Last night, as I was setting an alarm for 6:45am (which I was NOT excited about at all, haha) I felt the Lord telling me to name it “Glorify Him in all that you do today”. So sure enough, my alarm goes off this morning and I unlock my ipod and read the message while still being half asleep. Today was Powell County’s “fair day”. Fair day is a pretty huge deal here in Kentucky. All of the schools and businesses shut down for the day and the whole community comes together for a street parade in the morning and then gather for a carnival afterwards. The parade was great! I was very sleepy, but thankfully I had my buddy Jeremy there to help me stay awake. God really sustained me when I needed it and gave me energy to do all that He had called me to today. When we got to the carnival, I was excited to try the ever so famous “Fair Burger” that Tina had raved about on the way there. It was no In N Out burger, but it was yummy. Then Bethany (8), Tina’s daughter and one of our Promise Children here in Kentucky, asked me to go on rides with her. We first went on the ferris wheel, and then on a spinny ride that went really fast and made both of us feel sick. Eventually, she was asking me to go on rides like the merry-go-round (where she insisted on me sitting on a horse instead of standing up next to her) and other mazes and fun houses. I was tempted each time to say “No, I’m too old” because I was afraid of looking stupid in front of whole bunch of people. But then I recalled what my alarm said this morning. “Glorify Him in all that you do today”. Today, God had called me to show love to one of His little ones and to be a blessing in showing her a good time. So I swallowed my pride and went on everything she had asked me to go on with her. To some people, I was just going on some rides. But to my Lord, I was serving Him and bringing glory to His name. So yeah, I was that weird girl that was way too big for that little tiny horse she was riding, but in that, I was glorifying my God.


In other news, I absolutely love my new home. Sonya and her family have been pouring out their love on me and making me feel welcome. My new little brother, Zack, has so many questions about California that I just love answering, and my new sister Casey & I got to spend some quality time together tonight while putting her hair in some curlers. I have officially been here for 24 hours, and they have been wonderful! The Lord even opened up a new door of ministry for me tonight! God is so good. Goodnight, y’all. Miss ya real bad. ❤


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