Lord, You are beautiful

Today has been my favorite day here in Kentucky, by far. I got to go to Hope Hill today! As I pulled up to the main building today, butterflies wouldn’t stop flying around in my tummy. Half from excitement, and half from nervousness. I was excited to find out which girls were still there and how many new girls I would be blessed to get to meet, but I was nervous to be there on my own (that is, without a mission team with me and without my pastor). I sat in on the girls’ chapel service today. The new chapel director, Mr. Paul, was very welcoming and even asked me to open in prayer for the girls. After prayer, the girls began to sing songs of praise to Jesus, and I joined in with them. The sweet noise of these troubled girls singing to our Savior brought joy to my heart and a smile to my face. Throughout worship, all that came to my mind is “Lord, You are beautiful” over and over again. These girls that have gone through so much trauma and so much strife were standing there, hands lifted high, worshiping God. We serve a beautiful God that heals broken hearts and saves those who have crushed spirits. I was also blessed to find out that one of the girls that our team had ministered to back in April (a girl that was very hard hearted and bitter when we first got there) is now getting baptized on October 7th, along with about 6 other girls. Again, Lord You are beautiful.


I do have a few prayer requests for y’all:

1)First and foremost, Hope Hill has an age requirement of 21 for their volunteers and employees and I am obviously only 18, so please pray for an open door to be able to minister to the girls. Mr. Elvis said that he will be working hard to find a way for me to be able to meet with the girls on a weekly basis without breaking the rules. They’re trying to find a loop hole, so please just be in prayer for that.

2)I still don’t have a car yet, so please pray that I will be able to purchase one soon and that the car that I get will be reliable and good on gas.

3)I’ve been super blessed by the family I am staying with, so please pray that God will  continue to bless them and provide their every need!

Thanks everyone! Love you and miss you ❤


All For Him,

Amanda West


3 thoughts on “Lord, You are beautiful

  1. Amanda you are true worker for the Lord with such a beautiful and caring heart. Those girls are so lucky to have you. I miss it there so bad. That was my life for the past 8 years.

  2. Hi Amanda

    I woke up this morning and remembered I could check on you thru this website. I am so excited to see how you are doing and to be on this amazing journey with you. I love you and I am so proud of you Amanda……Your in my prayers and in my heart!
    Love Julie

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