“Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves” – Psalm 126:6

The scripture above was sent to me by a friend of mine back home, and really inspired me to write a short post about my day….

Today has probably been the hardest day spiritually for me. I miss my friends. I miss my church. I miss my family. & I miss things being “easy”. Not that living here is horrible- I absolutely LOVE it here. But fighting the everyday battles of spiritual attack, and feeling like I’m not being used effectively, or feeling like I’m unwanted and judged for every move I make, is NOT fun and not easy. But anyways, The purpose of this post is not to complain about how hard the mission field is, but to brag about my God and His faithfulness to me. Lately God has been giving me a good amount of time to just settle in and get to know the people of Powell County and become comfortable with them. Instead of looking at this time as a blessing, I have been feeling insecure and unused. I keep asking “God, when can I start doing ministry?” He has given me small opportunities here and there to serve, but I’m so anxious to get into that passionate, fast-paced, heart-changing type of work. Well today, I became upset with God. I sat on my bed crying for atleast 30 minutes. But instead of opening up the bible to hear from God, I just sat there feeling sorry for myself. Eventually, however, I humbled myself and got out my bible. Almost instantly I was comforted. After reading, I began to pray and song lyrics began to flood my mind, a song by Moi Navarro called “It Pleases You”. The lyrics are:

“I come tonight to yield my right
I give you my life as a gift of offering
Like the one that You gave me

It may not make a difference

It may not change a single life

It may not move a single stone

But it pleases You, It pleases You, It pleases You”
Me being here, in Stanton KY is me serving the Lord. It is me being obedient. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that. I get so caught up in feeling like I’m not being used that I forget that God is in control and that He knew that I would be going through this before I even got here. He wants me to trust in Him and know that He is faithful to His promises. Am I going to let my feelings and insecurities get in the way of knowing that God called me here? The answer is NO. I choose not to “waver in unbelief, but to grow in faith, giving glory to God, and be fully convinced that what God had promised He is able to perform” (Romans 4:20-21). Later, my friend Jolene sent me the verse Psalm 126:6 along with a prayer… “Your Word, Lord, tells us that those who sow in sorrow will reap in joy. For the Israelites this meant that no matter how much trouble occurred during planting, the harvest would bring happiness. I thank you, Father for this message of hope. Amen” Again, I was comforted. God IS faithful to His children. So as I continue to hear from God, be patient with His timing, and submit to His authorities, PLEASE be in prayer for me. Also, feel free to send me a message or write me a letter. It is always great to hear from home!
Specific Prayer Requests:
1) Again, please pray that I will be able to find a cheap and reliable car sometime soon!
2)I currently don’t have a phone because my verizon service does not work out here, so please pray that God will provide a way for me to get a new phone with a different call service.
3)Please say a prayer for a girl here in Kentucky that the Lord has put on my heart to disciple.
Thanks 🙂
All For Him,
Amanda West
P.S. Right after surrendering all my insecurities to the Lord, I got invitations from TWO different churches to speak at their youth groups sometime soon. Crazy, right? Praise God!

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