Hope Hill Valentines Day Pizza Party scheduled for February 16th!

I will be taking the girl’s in my Wednesday night class to Hope Hill next Saturday (the 16th). We’re throwing them a Valentine’s Day Pizza Party! We’re so excited, but I thought I would tell y’all so…

1) You can be in prayer for us. We plan to do worship, and I also have a short message on my heart focusing on the meaning of true love and how to receive it. Please pray that our visit will be completely centered around giving the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will work through us to break down walls with the Hope Hill girls.

2) If anyone back home would like to make or buy valentines for the girls, I would be happy to deliver them! Just message me for my address. I’m hoping to give multiple cards to each girl with different scripture verses on them. My class will also be making Valentines.

3) The funds that you guys donate to my KY missions fund make it possible for me to bless the girls with things like this, which also helps me teach my Wednesday night girls more about missions and gives them great opportunities to serve God. I just wanted to thank everyone again for supporting financially, but most importantly through prayer.

*If you would like anymore information on our involvement with Hope Hill or want to know more about how you can get involved with the girl’s at Hope Hill, please message me. My class and I plan to do one event each month (as long as approved by staff at HH) for the Hope Hill girls. In the future, we hope to do things like: ice cream sundae parties, nail polish parties, movie days, etc. Please be in prayer for us that we follow the Holy Spirit in all that we do concerning our involvement with Hope Hill. Thanks again!


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