SBC Youth Girls- February Missions Day

This month, the SBC Youth Girls and I have started something called “Missions Day”. The girls in my Wednesday night class have been learning so much about God and they all have huge desires to serve Him. So we have decided to dedicate at least one day a month to spend devoted to furthering God’s Kingdom. Of course it is encouraged that we should  always be mission-minded, and that our hearts should desire to serve God on a daily basis. Today was our first time and we all had an amazing day. God showed up and we were blessed to be used by Him. Here’s how our day went….


Myself and 9 others met at church at noon to spend some time in prayer and worship. We then gathered into the church van and headed to the “Stanton Food Court”. All of the girls then took fliers and passed them out to the people eating at the food court and invited them to join us for church. I was so blessed to see the boldness of each girl. We also went to the neighboring McDonald’s and talked to the younger kids that were playing in the play-place. While walking back to the car, we discussed that next time we should ask permission from the workers so we don’t get in trouble for soliciting. Then, Tiffany (age 15) said “Well if we get arrested, then we can go tell the people in jail about Jesus!!” Haha. Not God’s plan, but I thought her desire to evangelize was cute. If only we could all have such passion to serve!

After leaving Stanton, we drove to Mt. Sterling to enjoy some food and fellowship at the Asian Buffet. We also spent time at Walmart where we purchased clothes for a girl in our class that just recently had a baby. We picked out a cute Easter outfit for her newborn son.

The most exciting part of our day, and the part that all of us have been looking forward to for weeks, was going to Hope Hill to throw a “Valentines Day” party. We brought in pizza, cupcakes, pop, and goody bags filled with lots of candy. As the girls ate, we went around and mingled with them. Again, I was blessed by the SBC Youth Girls and their fearlessness in talking with the  HH girls. God’s Spirit was evident in the way that they talked and the compassion that they had. After they enjoyed their pizza, we all sang some worship songs for them. I was also able to share a quick message about God’s unconditional love for them, and approx. 10 girls responded to the message by making commitments to love God and love others through God’s Spirit. We closed with one more worship song, and then were able to pray with many more girls and answer some of their tough questions. Another awesome detail- it was one of the HH girls’ birthday and we were able to celebrate with her and make sure that she felt special. It’s so awesome how the Lord works things out like that.

On the way home from Hope Hill, it was such a blessing to hear the SBC girls worshiping and having conversations about the Lord and about what he had done through them today. I overheard one conversation of a girl that said “I have never felt so close to God in my life. I love serving Him”. That’s what it’s all about! I have witnessed such a growth in each one of them and I look forward to seeing them grow closer and closer to God. We’re praying about what to do for our “Missions Day” next month, but the SBC girls have already decided that they want to go back to Hope Hill for sure.

God receives all the glory for what He did today and for what He will continue to do in the hearts of the SBC Youth Girls. Please pray for each one of them:

  • Kristy Polk
  • Tiffany Polk
  • Mikayla Noble
  • Sarah Kelso
  • Shelby Rogers
  • Chelsedy Miller
  • Chastity Miller
  • Amber Craycraft
  • Katlyn Sons
  • Felicia Sons
  • Kayla Terry

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2 thoughts on “SBC Youth Girls- February Missions Day

  1. Continued prayer and blessing for you and the girls as you grow in the grace and knowlege of our Lord! Love you Amanda!!!
    “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!””
    Romans 10:15

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