March Ministry

Happy Spring Y’all! Although it was snowing yesterday, it is a beautiful day outside today and I can’t help but smile thinking of the fact that warm weather will be coming soon! It’s been tough for this California girl to adjust to the insane Kentucky weather that seems to change every hour. While on a short-term mission here once, a local in the community told us “If you don’t like the weather here in Kentucky, just wait a few minutes”. I have found that to be so true! Hahaha. It’s been a struggle to get motivated to get out and moving when it is snowing outside (especially since after my car accident that was due to the icy weather), so I am looking SO forward to nice sunny days! But enough about the weather, let’s talk about ministry!

Most of my ministry this month consisted of ministering to and with the family that hosts me here in Kentucky. Although this season has been rough and we have all faced many trials, I have been so blessed to be here during such a time as this. I have been reminded again of God’s faithfulness to me and of his desire for me to rely only on Him for strength and peace. I know that I have such an amazing support team back home that has been so faithful to pray for me, but I ask that you also be in prayer for my Kentucky family. I have been extremely blessed by them in so many ways. They have truly accepted me as their own and supported me in all that I do here in the community. So please pray for them: Sonya, Dave, AJ, Ashley, Casey, Corey, Zach, and baby Eli. Here is a photo:


Like I said before, God has been so faithful to me during this season of trials. I knew that serving on the mission field would in no way be easy, and that it would come with hardships and persecution, but I also knew that the Lord is my ever-present help in times of trouble. God has always provided encouragement for me when I’ve needed it most, but this month he provided it in a way that was such a blessing to me. On Tuesday the 12th, I sat on my bed and said to the Lord “God, I AM TIRED. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to last out here”. And on Wednesday the 13th, Pastor Brent Kaser and Pastor Eric Nelson flew into Kentucky. For a whole week, they poured into me and my family and helped us through the trials that we were facing. The purpose of their visit was to work through some details concerning the Promise Child Program here in Kentucky, but I feel that God brought them here to minister to me. I was very encouraged by them, but also convicted on ways that I can better my ministry here in Kentucky. I now feel refreshed and ready to fight the every day battles that come with being a missionary. Praise God for His perfect timing!

Another exciting thing about them visiting Kentucky was that I was given the opportunity to meet each Promise Child family that lives here in Kentucky. During the home visits, we were able to get updates on each child, discuss the basic needs of each family, and also shop for items to provide for some of those basic needs. Most importantly though, we were able to share the gospel with every family. God was so faithful to open doors of conversation that were personal to each family & we watched Him move mightily in the hearts of many of the children’s parents. I look forward to being more involved in the lives of these kids and having opportunities to do some discipleship with their families. Please keep my work with the program in prayer.


Other Prayer Requests:

1)  “Mission Day” for the month of March is scheduled for Saturday, March 30th. Please keep myself and my Wednesday night girls (Acteens) in prayer. We plan to visit the local nursing home and also go back to Hope Hill. This Hope Hill trip is going to be special! The whole visit will be student led, including the worship, message, and prayer. So keep the Acteens in prayer! They’re a little nervous.

2) Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide me with a car soon! Transportation has been a difficulty for me.

3) A high school mission team from Westgrove will be coming here to serve in less than 2 weeks, so please keep the trip in prayer! They arrive on the 2nd of April and will be here until the 8th. We plan to minister at Hope Hill and in the local community, so pray that God will open doors for the team! Here is a list of the team members so you can pray specifically for each leader and student:


  • Eric Nelson
  • Albert
  • Mike & Tiffany Blake
  • DeeDee Bergmann
  • Ryan Sundlie


  • Kristina White
  • Hailey Bush
  • Michaela Smith
  • Hannah Larson
  • Molly Pojar
  • Anelisa Nihn
  • Clarissa Lopez
  • Nicole Espejo
  • Courtney Platz
  • Faith Nakamoto
  • Bobby Lopez
  • Colby Christensen
  • Aaron Seymour
  • Jayson Salvador
  • Isaiah Merrill
  • Trent Chapman
  • Jacob Portillo

I look forward to updating y’all about what God does in the month of April! Thanks for your support!

All For Him,

Amanda West


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