“But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me” -Psalm 13:5-6

Hi guys! I want to start this update by thanking everyone back home for your interest in what the Lord is doing here in Powell County, Kentucky. It is overwhelming to think of you all and the love and support you have shown me from the very beginning. I have been growing so much in the Lord and also learning important things by being here on the mission field. I truly am so grateful to be here serving God and none of it would be possible without all of you. I love you all so much and cannot thank you enough.

As I was on a walk this morning, I was mesmerized by all of the beautiful flowers that have bloomed so suddenly, which reminded me of how beautiful it is to see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ blossom into such beautiful servants of the Lord. I have seen just that in my Wednesday night girls (Acteens). As I’ve shared in previous updates, every Wednesday I help in a class for high school aged girls. There are about 9 girls that attend regularly and each week we explore different topics including: the importance of studying God’s Word, prayer, local missions, sin, & effectively sharing the gospel to our peers. I have witnessed such a major growth in the girls and would ask that you continue to pray for them. Below is a picture of each girl with her specific prayer requests:

Sarah Kelso- Sarah would like you to pray for her family and specifically for her sister who is pregnant and will soon be a young mother.

Promise Child 193

Chelsedy Miller- Chelsedy would like you to pray for her dad and for her Papaw who is having health issues.

Promise Child 196

Chastity Miller- Chastity would like you to pray for her parents to quit smoking and for her spiritual growth.

Promise Child 202

Tiffany Polk- Tiffany asks that you pray for her relationship with her parents, her growing spiritual life, and for her to be a good example of God’s love to others.

Promise Child 204

Kayla Terry- Kayla would like you to pray for her safety while driving (she just recently got her license) and for her involvement with the Acteens class.

Promise Child 198

Courtnie Townsend- Courtnie asks that you pray for her nephew who is having problems with his health.

Promise Child 194

Mikayla Noble– Mikayla would like you to pray for her family, her personal walk with God, and for her transition into college next year.

Promise Child 191

Felicia Sons- Felicia asks that you pray for her 3 month old son Karson.

Camera Upload 037


Side Note: I have also been doing one-on-one discipleship with some of these girls using the “Building On The Rock” workbooks written by Pastor Brad. The girls love having the opportunity to dig deeper in the scriptures so pray for them as they continue to study God’s Word.


During the first week of April, a high school mission team from CCWG was here to share the gospel in the community as well as minister to the girls at Hope Hill. It was a HUGE blessing to have them here! I was so encouraged by them and it was lovely to be surrounded by such a like-minded and passionate group of people for a whole week. For so long I yearned for the fellowship that they had provided me with as well as the leadership from Pastor Eric and the other adult leaders. Throughout the week, the team was able to minister at two different children’s homes (Hope Hill & Dessie Scott), hold a youth service at Stanton Baptist, host a youth lock-in at Emmanuel Baptist, hold a BBQ for Promise Child, take kids shopping at the mall in Lexington, and hold a service for both youth and adults again at Stanton Baptist. They ended their mission trip with an outreach at the local dairy queen where many youth from the community came to hang out with the highly talked about “California Team”. The team was able to lead many hearts to the Lord, which opened up doors of ministry for me when they left. I now get to disciple and follow up with those that received Christ.. What a blessing! Here are some pictures of the  missions team:











I had the privilege of delivering Faith Comes By Hearing Bible sticks to seven of the Promise Child families in the state of Kentucky.  Although here in America we have the freedom to study the bible, you would be surprised to find out how many Americans actually sit down and read it. Here in Powell County, the biggest problem these families encounter is their difficulties with reading and comprehension. With the Faith Comes By Hearing Bible Stick, these children and their families can sit together and listen to the bible told as a story- chapter by chapter. The narrations and music in the background makes it fun for the kids, but also keeps the parents interested.

The 17 year old mother of our youngest promise child, received a bible stick and has not stopped listening to it since. I have witnessed already what a change it has made in her life. When picking her up for discipleship the day after the bible stick was delivered, she got into my car with the biggest smile on her face and said “We have SO much to talk about!” For 20 straight minutes she shared with me how much she had learned from listening to the bible stick the night before.

Another child, age 9, listens to it every night before going to bed and has also been showing it to the kids in her neighborhood. How wonderful it is to know that children are gathering together to hear God’s Word. Praise the Lord!

Promise Child Bible Sticks 003

Promise Child Bible Sticks 011



I also wanted to thank you all for praying that the Lord would provide me with a vehicle- He has! The mission team blessed me with a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. Having this car has benefited my ministry greatly and I am so very thankful. Here is a picture of my car:




  • My personal quiet times with the Lord. It seems like its getting harder and harder to find time to be still in the presence of God so please pray that I will be faithful to make that my biggest priority.
  • I have more expenses now that I have a vehicle so please pray that the Lord will continue to supply all of my financial needs.
  • Steve & Suzanne Day from Home For Health will soon be starting a program for the Promise Child kids that will focus on physical and spiritual health. We plan to start the third Thursday in May, so please keep us in prayer as we prepare and get the program ready.
  • Tina & I are praying about starting a “Backyard Bible School” this summer, so please keep that in prayer also.
  • I have been struggling with insomnia, so please pray for my body’s health.


Thanks again y’all! Please email or facebook me with any questions or any words of encouragement! I absolutely love hearing from friends and family back home 🙂

All For Him,

Amanda West


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