About Ministry


Ministries Amanda is involved with in Powell County, KY include:

  • Promise Child- Amanda visits with the different families that have children sponsored through the program. She is passionate about discipleship and her biggest goal is to share the gospel with each family. For more info about Promise Child America, or to support a child, visit: http://www.promisechild.org
  • Stanton Baptist- Amanda is a light in the local church called Stanton Baptist. There she works with the youth and does discipleship with many of the high school aged girls. She is also involved in their worship ministry and drama ministry.
  • Home For Health: Amanda helps Steve&Suzanne Day, who are medical missionaries in Stanton Kentucky and run a health rehab facility that is centered around sharing the gospel, with cleaning, cooking, etc.
  • Hope Hill- Amanda visits the girls at Hope Hill often to pray with them, do bible studies, and worship.
  • Other- Amanda’s biggest priority is to follow as the Spirit leads, this includes sharing testimonies/bible studies at different churches, using her gift of worship in different places, and praying with those she comes in contact with.

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